Energy Saving

Save money through knowledge about your household behaviour

Let Anyware help you save energy by automating daily routines




Let Anyware look after your home and notify you WHEN you need to take action


The Anyware App comes pre-configured with all relevant setpoints for an energy-saving healthy home


The Home/Away function will automatically activate the Energy Saving Scene when leave home


Connect your Anyware Smart Adaptor with Smart Thermostats or A/C devices with IFTTT services

Control everything from the app

    • Get notified when you can save money by lowering the temperature

    • Save at least 5% on your heating bill by reducing the temperature by 1°C degree
    • In approx. 1 year, you will typically save the $75 you pay for the Anyware Smart Adaptor*

* Based on North European figures


The Anyware App

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Temperature Sensor

    Receive Sensor Alerts according to your Energy Saving thresholds

  • Energy Saving Mode

    You can automate the Scene activation with Home/Away

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How it works

Just connect the Anyware Smart Adaptor directly to your home WiFi network using the smartphone, and start enjoying the benefits of Smart Living.

Getting started

Smart Living doesn’t get smarter than this.

Just fit the Anyware Smart Adaptor in your lamp and connect it with your smartphone.

The Anyware Smart Adaptor works with normal E14 LED light bulbs

How Many Smart Adaptors Do I Need?

Think of the Anyware Smart Adaptor as a multi-functional ‘room sensor’ that you can use in different ways depending on the room and your need.

How Many Smart Adaptors Do I Need? 

Think of the Anyware Smart Adaptor as a multi-functional ‘room sensor’ that you can use in different ways depending on the room and your need.

When you have more than one Anyware Smart Adaptor on the same location, they will work together when it comes to Home Monitoring and Security. Each Anyware Smart Adaptor will still provide you with the room-specific Smart Living function, though.

If in doubt about your need, start with one (1) Anyware Smart Adaptors to monitor the Indoor Climate in the Kid's Room or remotely monitor your Vacation Home.

We recommend at least three (3) Anyware Smart Adaptors™ for an effective and trustworthy home occupancy light (the Preventive Burglar Light Scene or Service) and broader intrusion detection based on sound (the Intrusion Detection Scene or Service).

  • E27

    Countries using both E27 and Bayonet lamp sockets

  • E26

Which Smart Adaptor Should I Buy?

The lamp sockets in your country are either E27 or E26 type.

Tap the options above the world map to see the lamp socket type for your region.

Connect your Anyware Services with other Smart Home devices

Still have questions?

Check out the FAQ or drop us an email


Award-winning Smart Home

Best of CES

Anyware Solutions has been named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree for the Anyware Smart Adaptor™.

Startup Of The Year 2018

Anyware Solutions has been nominated as one of the Top 100 semifinalist for the Startup Of The Year Award 2018

Red Dot Award

International Red Dot Product Design Award 2019

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