Remote Vacation Home Monitoring Kit


Get a 50% refund, when you subscribe in the app

You pay only 4.69 per month to have Anyware constantly monitoring your remote vacation home

If you subscribe in the app right away, we will charge only 50% of this purchase on your creditcard - alternatively, we will just refund the 50% when we have registered your subscription

1) Add this product to cart and pay on the Checkout page (add coupon 'SMARTERMOVE50')

2) Download the Anyware App and Create New User

3) Activate the annual subscription and we will refund 50% of this purchase

  • Remotely monitor your remote vacation home from anywhere
  • Check the temperature and humidity level any time in the app
  • Get frost and humidity alerts on the mobile phone
  • Prevent burglary and receive intrusion alerts on the mobile phone
  • Be notified if your smoke alarm goes off
  • If you rent out, check when your guests have arrived and left

Please enter the coupon code 'SMARTERMOVE50' during checkout, and we will take care of the rest

This offer is valid as long as stock is available, and with an annual Anyware Services subscription

"Coolest device ever - the app is amazing"

"Brilliant product and super service!"

"So easy to use. Normally I don't bother smarthome products, but Anyware is designed for me"

Incl. 1 Dimmable LED Lightbulb



With Anyware you can always monitor your vacation home from anywhere!

This Remote Vacation Home Monitoring Kit gives you 1 x Anyware Smart Adaptor™ to fit in any lamp you want in your vacation home, and connect it to the WiFi network using your smartphone. That’s it.

The Smart Adaptor is equipped with sensors, and will constantly monitor your vacation home, prevent burglary by turning lights on and off randomly when you are not there, send a message on your phone if there is a sudden activity/noise, and much more.

The app comes with the remote monitoring functions you need for your vacation home out-of-the-box, and you decide in the app which automated routines or ‘Scenes’ you want with a single tap! Anyware will instantly notify you on your mobile when you need to know.
That’s Smarter Living™!

What you get

Your Remote Vacation Home Monitoring Kit includes:

  • 1 Smart Adaptor for your vacation home
  • 3 Anyware Services (Scenes) subject to subscription
    • Frost Alert and Humidity Monitoring Scene
    • Preventive Burglar Light Scene
    • Light Schedule Scene
  • Access to all the Scenes in the Services Catalogue via the app
  • The ability to replace Scenes as often as you want
  • 1 Week Sensor Data in the graphs
  • Extended warranty

Anyware Services Subscription

Once you have registered as a new user through the Anyware App, you will have the opportunity to subscribe to all the automated routines or ‘services’ in the app for only EUR 4.69, – per month in a 12 month subscription.

The Anyware Service™ subscription gives you full functionality and access to ALL Anyware Services through the app, and you can freely choose exactly the ‘Services’ you want – and change them as often as you want.

You also get 1 Week Sensor Data view in the graph for better understanding the state and patterns of your home.

Without the subscription, the Smart Adaptor still works as a quality light dimmer and real-time room sensor for temperature, humidity and sound level.

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