Understand your Smart Adaptor, so it can understand your needs

The Anyware Services™ and Anyware Smart Adaptor™ is a unique new way of enjoying Smarter Living.

This is how you should start your Smart Home journey, and it is a way that has earned Anyware international and prestigious innovation and product design awards.

Most of our customers have had questions about the product before buying, because it is an innovative product that challenges our conventional perception of products that we fit into the lamp socket! But the Smart Adaptor is NOT a light bulb! And it does much more than lighting!

We have written this blog post to address the most common questions our customers’ sought answers to before buying their Smart Adaptors, and we hope you find it valuable. And remember, you are always welcome to drop us a question or comment on support@consumer.anyware.solutions, if we can help you in any way.

If you need more answers, read on to learn how other customers use Anyware in their everyday life.

  • What is an Anyware Smart Adaptor and what can I use it for?
  • What is a Scene and how does it work?
  • How do I get everything on the website?
  • How many Smart Adaptors do I need?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Does the Smart Adaptor work with Google Home or Amazon Alexa?

Enjoy the read!


What is an Anyware Smart Adapter and what can I use it for?

“Isn’t it just a light bulb that I can control with my smartphone?” is the initial perception of most people, as the Smart Adaptor fits into a lamp socket. But the Smart Adaptor is not a light bulb (an ordinary LED light bulb is to be fitted into the Smart Adapter) and it can do much more than light!

Although we keep referring to the “Smart Adaptor”, it is a solution that consists of both a Smart Adaptor and the app called “Anyware Home App” for your smartphone. You can download it for free in the AppStore or Google Play Store. Think of the Smart Adaptor as a multifunctional “room solution” and “little helper” in everyday life – and if you want to cover more rooms, you can add a Smart Adaptor in each of the rooms. In the app, you simply link all your Smart Adaptors to the same “Location” (typically your home, which you can call ‘Home’), and then link them to the ‘Rooms’.


What is a Scene and how does it work?

You have 3 Scenes in the app out-of-the-box. A ‘Scene’ is a pre-programmed routine or ‘task’ for the Smart Adaptor that ‘runs’ when you activate the Scene. In the app, you decide which Scene each Smart Adaptor should belong to.

One of the Scenes is ‘Preventive Burglar Light’, which automatically and randomly turns the light ON and OFF when you are not at home, and it is dark outside. It makes sense to link all of the Smart Adaptors to the Scene to effectively make the home look occupied.

Another Scene is ‘Presence Light’, which automatically turns the light ON when you enter the room (based on detection of differences in the sound level). You can choose this Scene for the Smart Adaptor in the living room only, and let the one in the bedroom work with for example the “Wake-up Light” Scene – this is a third Scene that is pretty self explanatory.

In essence, a Smart Adaptor performs routines or tasks in everyday life, without you having to think about it, and those tasks can be specific to the room or you as a user, or they can apply to the entire home such as “Preventive Burglar Light”. And you control it all from the app.

Anyware’s Smart Living philosophy is to offer a simple, functional solution, the “use” of which can be adapted to each room, but at the same time also take care of the whole-home tasks of preventing burglary, giving you peace of mind when you are away from home and ensure a good indoor climate. “Indoor Climate Monitoring” is just another Scene you can choose in the app that keeps an eye on your indoor climate and notifies you when you need to take action.

We have customers’ who consider whether they need all the features that the Smart Adaptor can do, which is a very valid concern.

No one needs it all at the same time – and this statement applies to most products – from your car to your microwave oven. And that’s exactly why the Smart Adapter allows you to adjust it to YOUR everyday routines and needs. Based on the ‘tasks’ you assign to it in the app, the Smart Adaptor delivers the function you need in the given situation. So you get a flexible and mobile solution that can follow you through life and adapt to your changing needs.

If you agree with our logic so far, the Anyware Smart Adapter is for you regardless of your specific needs right now.

How do I get everything on the website?

All Scenes are available in the first month, and if you want another Scene from the ‘Anyware Services Catalog’, simply replace the Scene in the app before the end of the first month. It’s super simple with our Change4Free™ service. And you will keep the Scenes you have selected even if you do not extend the subscription.

You have access to ‘it all’ and do not need to choose anything in advance. For example, if you are specifically looking for ‘Presence Light’ or ‘Indoor Climate Monitoring’, just select the Scenes during the first month.

If, after the first month, you decide to subscribe to the Change4Free™ service, you will be able to continuously replace and customize your solution as often as you want to – there is no restrictions.

You do not need to decide on the subscription right away – the app will ask you after 30 days and we will not ask for yor credit card details in advance. We think that it is extremely irritating with ‘free trial periods’, which speculates in you forgetting to cancel the subscription during the end of the trial period – which is very likely when your busy everyday life kicks in. And we do not want to be that kind of company.

How many Smart Adapters do I need?

How many Smart Adaptors you need depends on your need or the everyday routine you want to automate – for example, you need only one Smart Adaptor to turn ON the light when you enter a room (‘Presence Light’), or monitor the temperature and humidity level in the kids room. Side note: You can always do this manually in the app, but the scene ‘Indoor Climate Monitoring’ monitors the indoor climate for you and notifies you when the Smart Adaptor measures, for example, too high humidity, which can lead to mold, asthma and allergies for your child.

We usually recommend 3 pcs. Smart Adaptors for a typical home of 120-180 m2 home when you want a true ‘smart home’ that can effectively prevent burglary and give you indoor climate insight and ‘smarter living’.

But we also have many customers who start with one Smart Adaptor based on a clear room-specific need such as keeping an eye on the humidity level in the basement, the temperature in the living room or remotely monitoring the vacation home. To that end, a single Smart Adaptor manages the job perfectly.

And should you wish to upgrade, it is super easy to add extra Smart Adaptors in the app, as it is the same app and there is no need to connect the Smart Adaptor to an additional control box, go get your screwdriver or program anything. It’s as close as it can get to plug-and-play.


How much does it all cost?

The Smart Adaptor is a small Smart Home system in ONE product that you can customize and configure with various Scenes, and there is no need for an electrician to install or move the Smart Adaptor or to change its functionality – you can do it yourself in the app. It also has a built-in light dimmer, and is designed so that you can continue to use your wall or lamp switch to control light – i.e. you do not need to take out the smartphone to operate the light (read how to use Double-Toggle™ here).

You can buy a Starter Kit with 2 pcs. Smart Adaptors for only EUR 149 in our webshop.

Does the Smart Adapter work with Google Home or Amazon Alexa?

Yes, it works with both ‘ecosystems’ or ‘connectivity platforms’, and we are constantly working to expand this functionality, so you can use the Smart Adaptor with even more products from other vendors.

If you already have for example Philips Hue, you can significantly improve your ‘smart home’ experience with an additional Smart Adapter in the room, and even increase the functionality of your Philips Hue bulbs with Google Home and/or Amazon Alexa.

Other questions

If you still have questions, we will be deeply grateful if you would share your questions with us at support@consumer.anyware.solutions, where we always strive to respond with the speed of lightning.

And of course you are also welcome to check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here.

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