Our Purpose

Rethinking Smart Home

Offering Smarter Living as a Service

Our vision

Every homeowner or tenant in the world should to able to enjoy digital Smarter Living


Our vision is rooted in the acknowledgement that most private consumers and homeowners/tenants remain unengaged in digital solutions for the Smart Home

The reason is that Smart Home is typically being offered as a technology gadget, which appeals to only 1 in 6 consumers

It is an industry problem, but the implication is that relevant technology to feel safe and secure, save energy and prevent damages on homes and other buildings, are not being adopted by most people

Anyware Solutions addresses this problem by offering Smarter Living as a Service (not a tech gadget) to the homeowner/tenant who wants a plug-and-play solution to solve a specific need without having to nerd around with devices.

Consequently, Anyware provides meaningful ready-to-use, plug-and-play Smarter Living services for existing homes with a 'set-and-forget' design philosophy.



We make solutions that are 'smart' enough to support you in everyday life without constantly having to control everything in the app. 

Think of the parking sensors in your car, and imagine that you had to install and calibrate them yourself, and activate them everytime you wanted to park the car. That's how most Smart Home solutions are designed today. 

Not Anyware, though. So, following the car parking sensor analogy, if you want ready-to-use 'car parking sensors' in your home that automatically works when needed, you should Go Anyware today!

The journey starts 'anyware'

Our Business Model

Pay For The Service - Not The Tech Gadget

Our Uniqueness

Customized User Experiences

Anyware's uniqueness reside in the Digital Services platform that enables our customers to enjoy a customized, ready-to-use Smarter Living experience and adapt it to their changing needs over time.

It is based on our patented and award-winning IoT device, which is as easy to install as fitting a light bulb.

If you buy for example Anyware's remote monitoring of the holiday cottage kit, that is exactly what you get in the app as ready-to-use automated routines for frost alerts and burglar prevention.

You don't need to buy additional sensors and spend a weekend configuring them to send you alerts and designing random light schedules.

And as your needs change, you can seamlessly adapt the app with new automated routines.

Seamless Adaptability to Changing Needs

Unique Customer Engagement Tool
For Partners

The SaaS platform enables our Partners to engage targeted customer segments and upsell customized value-added services along their Smarter Living journey.

For our Partners, Anyware is designed to 1. Create the touchpoint and deliver the first Anyware services, and 2. Upsell new services later as needs change.

Most of our Partners have 10-20% customers that also own a holiday home. Our Insurance Partners even insures the holiday home, our Energy Partners provide electricity and our Telecom Partners provide WiFi.

They see the wisdom, value and business rationale in helping their customers get peace of mind by remotely monitoring their holiday home with Anyware in an insurance/electricity/WiFi bundled offer.

Read more about how you can create WIN-WIN-WIN relationships with your customers and Anyware here.

Unique Customer Engagement and Upselling of Customized Digital Value-added Services

Our Partners are crucial in pursuing this vision when they engage their customers with Anyware as a Value-added Service.

We are proud to work with all our Partners - large and small, strategic or reselling - they have all proven visionary and customer-centric to Go Anyware


Danish Design Award

Red Dot Award

Best of CES

Startup Of The Year 2018

Patented and Award-winning Innovation

Free Electrons 2019

Top50 Finalist

UrbanTech 2019

Top10 Finalist (Cohort 1)

IKEA Bootcamp 2017

Top10 Finalist (selected from 1.300 international startups)

CES Eureka Startup

Best of Insurtech Startup Finalist

20 Most Trusted IoT Companies

Arrow Flash Funding Awards

EY Entreprenuer of the Year

Most Recent Nominations in 2020

Startup of the Year Nomination

Top50 Startup

Katerva Awards Finalist

OP Smart Living Winner

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